Affichage des articles du mars, 2015

Aux origines de No Mistrals for Putin

Un an et 15 jours déjà que nous avons créé le groupe "Mistral" Class, Invasion vessels "Vladivostok" & "Sevastopol". Nous étions un poignée de farfelus qui ne pouvait tolérer la honte d'une nouvelle collaboration avec un régime criminel. "Quoi? Vous voulez casser le contrat Mistral? Vous êtes des fous inconscients. Cela ne marchera jamais."

First sea trial for Mistral Sebastopol

The second Mistral war ship "Sevastopol" just left St Nazaire to go on sea trials. You can follow it live with this link (the picture of the ship is wrong on the website but this is the correct one): On March 4, 2015, on "No Mistrals for Putin" Facebook page we wrote: First sails for BPC Sebastopol tests  in March - With Russian officers? Long before the end of June 2014, Russian officers had boarded a Mistral in St Nazaire. This has been confirmed to us by a local hotel owner and it is also what we could deduce from the video of the first test of the Vladivostok in March 2014. At the VHF (radio), we heard Russian language was spoken. For Sevastopol, will they be there this month? If so, the secret is well kept as it would arouse unanimous disapproval while the army of Putin and his auxiliaries of the Donbass violate the Minsk 2 agreements spons