Russian Helicopters For Egyptian Mistrals, Another Sputnik's Lie

Mistrals Helicopters Egypt Sputnik Crap

Today (October 27, 2015) Interfax admitted there is no deal with Egypt about Russian helicopters for Mistrals.
"If Egypt asks for equipping them with Russian hardware and to buy Russian helicopters Kamov Ka-52K, which would be logical, we will respond to this request and meet them halfway. But NO OFFICIAL REQUESTS have been made as of yet," head of the arms exporting company Anatoly Isaikin said at a press conference on Tuesday (October 27)."
It's once again very different that what Sputnik let readers understand on October 20
"On Monday (October 19, 2015), Kremlin chief of staff Sergei Ivanov said Russia would supply equipment and helicopters worth over $1 billion for the Egyptian Mistral helicopter carriers."
Russian Company Ready to Supply Helicopter Equipment for Egypt's Mistrals
As usual, this was another crap from Sputnik, Kremlin's war propaganda website, which was quoted by numerous western medias including the very serious "IHS Jane's".
"Egypt will order Kamov Ka-52K Katran naval attack helicopters (i.e.for Mistrals) in addition to the Ka-52 Alligator helicopters it has already ordered, a source close to Russia's military-technical co-operation with other countries has told IHS Jane's" .
Egypt to order Ka-52K helicopters for Mistral ships
Then, everybody can easily guess why Sputnik lied again.
Bernard Grua, Nantes, Bretagne, France, 27/10/2015
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